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Facts about mobile apps.

Of the 7 Billion people in the world over 6 Billion are mobile phone users.
32% of all online purchases are made with a mobile device.
By 2015 mobile is set to overtake the desktop... so you'll find yourself in a market that's growing, not shrinking.
The total global mobile applications market is expected to be worth $25 billion in 2015 (up from about $6.8 billion in 2010).

By 2016, Gartner estimates that there will be more than 300 billion apps downloaded annually, or more than 10 times the amount that were downloaded in 2011.

Searches on mobile devices have grown 500% in the past 2 years! You can be a part of this EXPONENTIAL growth!
4 out of 5 smartphones users (86 million U.S. users) use their smartphone to shop! This means that there's a TON of cash floating around out there, just WAITING for you to claim it!

Do I need a mobile app?

According to the New York Times, smartphone app development is the most powerful media ever invented. The best thing about the mobile channel is that it gives companies the potential to engage with their customers in real-time, by location and complete with profile information.

Making it simpler and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with your company, and offering them tools to make their life easier while using your products or services, can be a great reason to develop a mobile app.

One of the most popular means to monetize is offering coupons. Mobile adds an interesting layer of location-based push notifications to the coupon economy. Imagine being the owner of an apparel store in downtown New York with thousands of people walking within a one mile radius of your outlet. If they were to get notified on their mobile phones with a coupon from your store when walking by, you'd increase the likelihood of having them visit by providing a timely reason.

If you sell your products or services online, a mobile app may be an option worth considering. This gives your customers the mobility to do the same things they would traditionally have done sitting at their desks, but on their phones. Google Insights tells us that "mobile search has grown 400% in the past year" and that "88% of these users take action". So you'll be dealing with an army of people who have their credit card on-hand, and ready to buy. Whether you own a business, are self-employed, a freelancer, or an artist, no matter what your domain of expertise is, you need mobile app!

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